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Setting The Tone Radio Debuts This Summer

Press Release: “Setting The Tone Radio” to Debut June 23, 2013 on Blog Talk Radio

June 3, 2013 by Setting The Tone


Talk Radio, Personality, Setting The Tone to Begin New Talk Radio Show

Contact:  Kimberly Moore

Tone Williams, a well-known and successful entrepreneur and founder of Setting The Tone (also known as STT), is making a debut to the radio airwaves on Sunday June 23, 2013 at 7 PM Eastern / 4 PM Pacific Time. The live broadcast, branded as “STT Radio“, will be accessible via telephone and most Internet-connected devices such as smartphones and computers. No download will be required.

“Honestly, the choice to crossover to radio was natural,” said Williams. “Setting The Tone is home to thousands of members who enjoy reading and sharing opinions and meeting friends. STT Radio is an extension of that, allowing members to voice their opinions over the airwaves to an even broader audience outside of social networks like Facebook.”

Sometimes controversial, yet always entertaining, Setting The Tone was one of the first formal groups to form using the new Facebook Groups product in November 2010. In nearly 3 years, the group has generated over 10,000 topics, over 100,000 comments and dozens of personal meet-ups along the east coast including Rochester, NY, Washington, DC and Atlanta, Georgia.

“While Facebook continues to be a strong medium to allow our followers to interact, Internet radio is also an awesome way to communicate ideas, opinions and information. I am very excited by the response thus far and look forward to growing as a brand.”

Asked how “STT Radio” would differ from other talk radio shows, “Like our Facebook-based group, vocal members will remain the key hosts, so we are producing the show from a totally different format than traditional broadcasts. It will still have formal hosts, but our show will be heavily caller-based so that people have more time to express themselves than simply listen to us. We are a platform for others. We will also have regular contributors covering breaking news, and commenting on current and historical events, along with conspiracy topics. Our audience typically enjoys love & relationship topics and we will continue to focus on what they enjoy most.

Setting The Tone Radio will launch LIVE on Sunday June 23, 2013 7pm – 8pm Eastern Standard Time and will continue to air every Sunday at 7pm. The shows will be archived Blog Talk Radio ( and

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“Every one of us has something we are not proud of. The question is, when are you going to be man or woman enough to face it?” – Tone

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“Bitter people oftentimes give the worst relationship advice. Your level of happiness should always serve as your personal compass.” – Tone

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“If you’re super busy yet always broke, maybe you’re taking care of the wrong kind of business.” – Tone

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Your level of happiness should always serve as your personal compass.

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